Ashe magnolia

Magnolia ashei
Plant Botanical Name: 
Magnolia ashei
USBG Plant Location: 
Conservatory Room Location: 
Southern Exposure
Part shade
Plant Soil Type: 
Rich, acidic soils
Plant Threat Level: 

The Ashe magnolia is a small tree with a broad, round top. It has leaves 2-3 feet long and sometimes a foot wide. They are wider near the tip than at the stem, green on the upper surface and whitish beneath. The blossoms are fragrant, creamy white and up to 6 inches long and about half as wide. This very rare species is found in only six counties in the Florida panhandle, and is closely related to bigleaf magnolia. It is named for William Willard Ashe (1872-1932), a forester of the U.S. Forest Service. This is becoming a favorite garden plant due to flower size, fragrance and because it flowers as early as three years from seed.