False rosemary

Conradina brevifolia
Plant Botanical Name: 
Conradina brevifolia
USBG Plant Location: 
Not in Bloom
Conservatory Room Location: 
Southern Exposure
Full sun
Plant Soil Type: 
Sterile deep sandy well drained soil
Plant Moisture Requirements: 
Low water needs
Plant Threat Level: 

False rosemary, federally listed as endangered by the Endangered Species Act, is one of five shrubby mints found in central Florida's scrub habitat. This short-lived, aromatic, perennial shrub occurs in fewer than 30 sites along a ridge area in central Florida. This scrub habitat is dominated by evergreen scrub oaks, sand pine and, in open areas, herbs and small shrubs, including short-leaved or false rosemary. These are fire dependent habitats and are home to numerous threatened and endangered plants and animals. Significant loss and habitat fragmentation due to residential and agricultural development has pushed this species, and many associated species, to the brink of extinction. Some legally collected plants have been propogated and this small shrub is now available commercially.

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