'Longwood Gold' Foster's holly

Illex x attenuata 'Longwood Gold
Plant Botanical Name: 
Illex x attenuata
Plant Sub Species or Variety: 
'Longwood Gold'
USBG Plant Location: 
National Garden
Full sun to part shade
Plant Soil Type: 
Well-drained, moist, acidic soil; avoid standing water.
Plant Moisture Requirements: 
Moderate after establishment

Ilex x attenuata, is a natural hybrid of two North American species of holly (Ilex opaca and Ilex cassine). Longwood Gold is from seed collected at the Morris Arboretum. One of the plants grown from the seed turned out to have yellow fruit, and Longwood selected this plant for its fruit color and superior cold tolerance.
This plant has dark green leathery foliage that doesn't fade during the winter, providing a contrast fo the vivid yellow berries. This plant provides good screening or wind breaks, in addition to food and shelter for native wildlife. Remember that the female plant needs a nearby male American holly to receive adequate pollination for good fruit set.

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