Sweet pitcher plant

Sweet pitcher plant (Sarracenia rubra Walter ssp. Rubra)
Plant Botanical Name: 
Sarracenia rubra Walter
Plant Sub Species or Variety: 
ssp. Rubra

Also known as the sweet pitcher plant, Sarracenia rubra Walter ssp. Rubra occurs throughout the southeastern United States in wet, boggy areas. Sarracenia rubra has a wide variety of forms leading to differing taxonomy. Some botanists debate the classification as a scientifically separate population. These debates make it challenging to consistently classify and adequately protect the wild endangered forms of Sarracenia rubra. All forms of Sarracenia rubra also face peril due to habitat loss from development and agriculture, altered water tables, fire suppression and poaching. It has five recognized subspecies, two of which are federally and internationally protected. Photo credit: USDA